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About k chittilappilly foundation

K Chittilappilly foundation (KCF) is an initiative by Shri. Kochouseph Chittilappilly with the prime objective of undertaking public charitable activities in India in a corporate level without any discrimination as to religion, caste, creed or gender. Being incorporated as a non-profit company under section 25 of the Companies Act, K Chittilappilly Foundation operates from its registered office at Kakkanadu, Kochi. The Foundation extends its helping hand to the society in various ways. It contributes to provide medical assistance to poor and needy patients directly and through voluntary organizations.

The Foundation extends its helping hand to the society in various ways. It contributes to provide medical assistance to poor and needy patients directly and through voluntary organizations.


Our Vision

A Helping Hand at Arms Length


Our Mission

To extend a helping hand to the weaker sections of society in the areas of critical illness, healthcare,education,housing and other mishaps in life by providing financial support to overcome such situations and to associate with communities and organisations working for such cause


About Kochouseph Chittilappilly

Chairman, K Chittilappilly Foundation

kcf “Determination and hard work has helped me to succeed in all my endeavours and KCF is a platform for me to give back to society from where I've received…"

For what I am today and whatever I have earned during the last 39 years of entrepreneurship and as a Business man, I owe a lot the society. And therefore, I feel it’s my humble obligation to give back to society and to the needy people a rightful share of it.
This realisation prompted me to initiate various humanitarian activities for the welfare of poor people and for the care of the aged and the deserted by starting oldage homes for women, homes for the poor girls, in addition to extending financial support to the sick and forthose undergoing treatment for terminal diseases.
Later, the need for consolidating all these activities under one umbrella was felt, for better planning and execution of these projects. The K Chittilappilly Foundation (KCF), a registered non-profit charitable trust, established in 2012, was borne out of this conviction.
Today KCF acts as the launch pad for all my public charitable activities. Having kept myself away from the day-to-day business activities of V-guard group of companies, I could devote more time to engage in charitable and social welfare activities, which helped to reinforce my strong belief that “Giving back is among the most important and valuable things an entrepreneur can do to society”.
I am greatly delighted that during this short period of time, KCF has been able to reach out to a good number of people belonging to the poor and marginalised categories, in various ways, primarily in the areas of providing financial support for treatment of individual patients below poverty line, suffering from various diseases that require prolonged treatment, support for the education of children of BPL families and also promoting the noble message of after-death organ donation through campaigns as well as by holding functions to appreciate the families of after-death organ donor.
A major share of such initiatives has been carried out with the help of other credible charitable agencies and NGO's who have been in the field of social work for many years. Associating with such agencies have helped us to reach out to the needy at the grass root level, which is not otherwise possible for KCF alone to do.I cherish and hold close to my heart the good deeds which KCF has been able to do so far and commit myself to continue efforts in this direction for the benefit of the society and for the well being of the people.
Giving back becomes meaningful, only when nothing in return is expected - benefits, recognition, tangible or otherwise. Your biggest and sole reward is the realisation that you’ve made a significant change in someone’s life. And if not ‘significant’ then a positive change nevertheless!

KCF Team

Sheela Kochouseph

Director, K Chittilappilly Foundation

KcfK Chittilappilly Foundation is really getting into shape with lots of social activities and I am sure we can do a lot of good to the society. Moreover it imparts a good message to each one of us, that we have no choice but GIVE BACK TO THE WORLD. V STAR also has started taking up some CSR activities. I am happy that since we started doing this, the V star family members are also actively involving in the activities. It was really an eye opener when we visited the schools in Agali, near Attappadi. How a section of the society are deprived of all the facilities and how these poor people are being exploited by the intruders. I wish KCF all the best in all its endeavours, along with the best leader who is the motivation and model.

Dr. George Sleeba

Executive Director K Chittilappilly Foundation

Kcf The K Chittilappilly foundation has been undertaking various public charitable activities in Kerala and other parts of the country for more than three years now. We feel blessed to be at the forefront for creating awareness on after death organ donation. We’ve been trying to reach out to the less fortunate in society to get better education and treatment. With a view to extend KCF activities we have been supporting credible NGOs for undertaking welfare activities.
Latest edition to KCF activities is instituting prizes /Awards to individuals/Institutions demonstrating high human values and exemplary service to mankind. These awards include mementos and cash prizes ranging from Rs 1 lakh to 5 lakhs to be presented to the contenders in public functions, with the involvement of local Bodies. The most prestigious Award in this category is the “KCF Awards for Excellence in Social Service for Individuals and Institutions” The award includes a citation and Cash Prize of Rs 1 lakh for individual and Rs 2 lakh for Institution.

Mr. B Jayaraj

General Manager, K Chittilappilly Foundation

Kcf The K Chittilappilly Foundation is the actualisation of a noble thought of being a helping hand to those suffering due to illness and other misfortunes in society. Shri. Kochouseph Chittilappilly, who has shown the world through his very own life that ‘giving’ is the greatest act of charity, has been sharing a good measure of his fortunes for the good of society for the last many years, reaching out to the less fortunate - patients in need of medical aid, students in difficult financial scenario, those without a roof over their head, etc.
To give his varied charitable and social initiatives an organised structure, he founded the K Chittilappilly Foundation three years ago. This document is our humble effort to present our kind well-wishers and associates a concise report of the charitable deeds done by K Chittilappilly Foundation during the last three years.
Thanks to all those who have cooperated with this task.

KCF Activities


Vijayee Bhava

KCF has been organising a Leadership Development Programme titled ‘Vijayee Bhava’ from 2013-2014 onwards, in association with Varma & Varma, Chartered Accountants and Mr Shamim Rafeeq, Corporate trainer and founder of “Winner in You”....


Medical Assistance

Medical Assistance to the poor and needy people of the society is one of the important activity of the K Chittilappilly Foundation. Every year more than Rs 5 crores are giving to the the cancer, kidney, liver, heart patients of all over Kerala and outside Kerala. Medical assistance is distributing...


Welfare Activities

Financial support is extended to NGOs/Social Organisations undertaking social service activities at different parts of the country, with a view to extend the reach of KCF activities. The extent of the financial support is decided based on an assessment of their projects and its impact on society.